• wellness without walls ™

  • Be a part of Lawrence's virtual stayVention series where you can stay at home and be a part of the best continuing education programs from around the world, long after the event has taken place live. You will receive a single Dropbox link for the entire series that you can watch as convenient for you.

    Mission: to provide online, premium fitness and wellness continuing education on a convenient platform as accessible as Facebook with convenience of a stay-cation.

    PURCHASING a stayVention adds you to a private, secret Facebook group where our virtual convention occurs.

  • By clicking the purchase button, I agree to the below and my click constitutes my signature:

    1. I understand that Registration for a stayVention means FG2000 adds me to a private, secret Facebook group where our virtual convention occurs.
    2. I understand that stayVention uses unique environments like real gyms, outside spaces, and living inside spaces. Background noises, overhead plane and bird sounds, and “imperfekt” lighting come together to bring you authentic, real presenters in real spaces from #imperfektproductionz, Lawrence's virtual online company.
    3. I understand that FG2000 offers a money-back guarantee should I be completely disappointed and feel the quality of education did not deliver what I need to support and boost my career.
    4. I understand that I can watch live on Dropbox for free or download to my own devices any and all of the workshops that take place during any given stayVention, included in the price.
    5. I understand that times given will be 0730-1630 (with breaks) following Eastern Standard Time (EST, like NYC, USA) and I can participate live or watch after the event for a limited amount of time.
    6. Waiver: I understand and agree to hold harmless Lawrence Biscontini, MA, LJMB, Inc, and FG2000, their subsidiaries, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, conference presenters, conference sponsors, staff (including staff assistants), their respective agents, successors and assigns, from any and all liability whatsoever arising out of this event including, but not limited to: physical injuries, muscle strains, tears, pulls, broken bones, miscarriage, death, and any and all illness, or loss of personal property and income.I understand the risks involved with participating in this strenuous event and attest that I am in sound physical condition.

  • stayVention1

    January 2020
    Be a part of Lawrence's anniversary kickoff of his first stayVention series seen live around the world.
    Click here for complete program

    75.00 for 2 day stayVention
    Past Download Series

  • stayVention2

    April 18-19 2020
    0730-1630 EST

    One Day - April 18: $60

    One Day - April 19: $60

    Both Days: $99

  • Our Growing List of Presenters to Include:
    Yury Rockit, Belarus
    Lawrence Biscontini, Italy
    Noel Chelliah, Malaysia
    Zory Sepulveda, Puerto Rico
    Bernadette C. O'Brien, New Jersey

  • You will need a device that can stream Facebook Live from your location, an open mind, and an open heart!
    (and, perhaps, a mat and wall)

    Attendees receive virtual goodies, presents, drawings, prizes, mentoring tips, and more!