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    January 2, 2019 | adminfl
  • $15 for each topic

    With one purchase, you receive a link to a selection of winning podcasts from Lawrence’s mentoring topics that you can use to streamline monthlong mentoring bank of podcasts. You will receive a link to a folder of audiopodcasts Lawrence recorded for you. You do not have to have a dropbox account, and you can download the podcasts to listen as you wish on the go.

  • Topics:

    1. Anatomy of a Successful Social Media Post
    Lawrence shares his secrets for the anatomy of successful Facebook and Instagram posts - learn 7 things to include before posting anything to maximize your exposure and build your online community. (42 mins.)

    2. Making a Fresh Start and Staying Connected in Fitness
    Perfect to listen to for any time of the year, making fresh starts opens our eyes, ears, and hearts to new possibilities wherever we work in fitness to becoming more connected with our fitness community, to get more work, to build a community + tribe = tri-mmunity. (2 hours, 39 mins.)

    3. Creating Themes
    Learn dozens of ways to add a theme and focus to every group or personal movement experience we create by drawing from the universal themes that connect us as humans, both physical and metaphorical threads that weave us together. Rare are the fitness professionals who set a focus each time, so learn to set yourself apart and develop your own Unique Selling Points. (1 hour, 10 mins.)

    4. Magic in the Middle
    Learn over 15 take-aways to implement simple, yet outrageous, things to do in the middle of the group and personal movement experiences we create to further define our Unique Selling Points to engage, enable, and empower our fitness community with us at the lead. Make “magic in the middle” of your fitness experiences with unique, quick, and easy tips. (2 hours, 46 mins.)