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  • “Notice M.E.” Program

    February 1, 2016 | adminfl
  • Our Mission:
    The Mission of the FG2000 "Notice M.E." program is to:

    • find incredible group fitness instructors and trainers who fuse popularity with professionalism from across the globe
    • assist these instructors in getting recognition from local, state, and country-wide media, including quoting them and discussing their work in the written materials of FG2000 faculty
    • facilitate the career development and growth of such educators, including making available mentoring services, connections for presenting at conferences, discounts towards future certifications and continuing education, and fitness scholarships

    Our Vision:
    The Vision of the FG2000 "Notice M.E." program is to have a list of excellent instructors from across the globe who are part of the world’s solutions towards wellness and ultimately establish a network of support for the industry.


    E-mail Address:
    Mailing Address:
    City, State, Zip:
    Best Telephone to Contact You:

    Please answer in 125 words or less:

    • Describe yourself and your role in the industry in the third person as if you are writing about someone else. If you are currently a provider for CPR, ACE, AFAA, or any other fitness organization, please tell us in this section. Please list any and all certifications you possess which are CURRENT. (For example: "Simon is a leader in his hometown Club X. He teaches 17 classes a week and has been rated the employee of the month for the past 3 years running. Management has awarded him with Personal Trainer of the Year at the club for 2006. He currently has clients 6 days per week and...")



    Please email a current photograph to Lawrence at lawrence@findlawrence.com

    When you have entered all your responses above, click the "click here to submit button" to send your form to FG2000. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the NOTICE M.E. program. You will hear from a faculty member of FG2000 shortly.

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