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  • Would you like to bring in the energy of Lawrence's programs and mentoring skills to your facility?

    Lawrence often makes guest appearances at clubs to teach special masterclasses for guests/members. It’s usually more cost-effective to bring ONE Lawrence to YOUR facility than to send ALL of your instructors across the nation to attend a major convention... Did you know that Lawrence has been making signature, branded, pre-choreographed, and custom-made club programming for years? READ MORE...

    Lawrence can come into your facility to teach special classes for your guests, offer continuing education and certification programs for your staff, mentor your staff of personal trainers and group fitness instructors, evaluate staff, do book signings for his charity, or any combination of that!

    Many clubs like to invite Lawrence into their facility to offer something really special to the people who love classes, and Lawrence gives a fresh feel to the current schedule of classes, bringing an exciting array of both traditional and mind-body fitness programs. Some facilities like Lawrence to take classes and personal training sessions with staff and then offer in-depth evaluations and mentoring sessions in which Lawrence gives immediate, constructive, and career-development guidance, which many have deemed profitable.

    To express an interest in bringing Lawrence to your facility, cut and paste the following in an email to Lawrence and he will answer quickly via lawrence@findlawrence.com.

    Please note that all of the classes and workshops I offer appear on this website under the "LEARN" tab.

    Dear Lawrence,
    We are interested in having you come to our facility called _____________, around _______ (time of year) to ____________ (teach master classes for members, teach workshops for staff, both, evaluate & mentor group fitness and/or personal training staff). We would like you for about ________________ (timeframe: half day, one day, 2 days), and want to plan your visit on the following day(s) of the week only: __________. We would anticipate approximately ______ instructors/personal trainers in attendance.

    You would have to fly into ____ (3-letter airport code), and we will arrange someone to pick you up. We are approximately ______ miles from that airport. ?You would teach _____ (sessions) at ______ (Club) from ______ to ______ (time) and give ACE/AFAA/ACSM/SCW/AEA credits to staff. Specific session titles that interest us from your website under “Programs” are: ____________________________________________________________________________ and we would like sessions to be in the duration of _______ minutes (60, 90, 120). We _____ (will/will not) open the even to other instructors from the public. We _____ (will charge/will not charge) instructors separately or we ____ (will/will not) pay your fees ourselves exclusively. We ____ (want/don't want) you to bring music and dvds to sell.