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    Travel to/from: Many cities fly to San Juan nonstop on American Airlines.  Europe nonstop service is seasonal on Iberia, British Airways, and others.

    If using American Airlines for any flights, collect your OWN advantage miles but please provide THIS “Business Extra” number for your discount, and assisting my charity simultaneously.  This does NOT raise your fare in any way or rob you of your normal Advantage Miles: #796197.

    Website: seepuertorico.com

    What to do:

    Fajardo: San Juan is busy, has restaurants, and has shopping. It also isn’t the Caribbean, but the Atlantic.  It has traffic, and can seem congested. I recommend a drive all-around the island, staying at a local parador. At very least, get out to see the hotel where the Golden Door Spa is housed, the El Conquistador Resort: goldendoorspa.com. If you want to find out about great rates, the hotel puts amazing rates online at several travel websites, including tripadvisor.com and hotels.com. And to have a local experience you can consider vacation rentals which you can explore on Airbnb.com; their review system is quite trustworthy cause tenants and hosts post from each other. Golden Door Spa is the Spa whose fitness programming I both opened and ran for almost ten years. Now that the hotel has become a different chain, rules have changed and getting you complementary guest passes—like many things—has become a thing of the past.

    Natural Wonder: In Fajardo, you should also experience a bioluminescent bay tour, either by kayaking, by motorboat or the nature reserve has a walking tour (paralanaturaleza.org). This is an amazing experience after dark, best seen with no moon, when the water glows from microorganisms when agitated.  Some contacts are: 787.720.7711, 787.616.9594, 787.762.3928, 787-860-1654, and787-244-1545. For the day, I recommend a nearby lighthouse tour and seafood at “Estrella del norte,” all walking distance of the hotel’s property, and a catamaran tour to a nearby island for snorkeling with Barefoot, Salty Dog, East Wind, or Spread Eagle II companies. Also there’s a mini boat tour which is excellent to explore as a couple. And parasailing, scuba and fishing charters. 

    Old San Juan: Amazing shopping in beautiful cobblestone streets awaits you in this town near the airport. There is a Polo Outlet, amazing Butterfly People store, and jewelry galore catering to the hundreds of cruiseline tourists. I recommend eating at Dragonfly, Agua Viva, Parrot Club, all by the port, or Amadeus Café, up by the Old Morro Fortress. I’ve been going to those for years.

    Guides: Please find a Que Pasa guide located at most hotels and tourist places. It is your single best guidebook, in English, of what to do and see, including detailed island maps. Current copies are available in baggage claim when you await your luggage (at least at American, for sure) or online. Check seepuertorico.com the official site of the island for recent information.

    Lighthouse Tours: You can go to paralanaturaleza.org or call 722.5882 for Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve for information and times for English and Spanish-speaking guided tours, cycling tours and other activities that might be of interest from the reserve. Its lighthouse is visible from the my house. The view is quite incredible from over there. Reservations are a MUST. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes; you will be over 300 acres of mangrove and land. 1882 began the lighthouse’s first year of operation, and it continues today! Check the website for days, hours and cost of each tour. The reserve has a quite ample calendar with so many activities to choose from.

    Movies: The movie theaters in Fajardo are available at 787.863.2230, or caribbeancinemas.com and click on Fajardo. There are also Redbox machines at the nationwide pharmacies.

    Restaurants: Lawrence’s favorite, Estrella del norte, is at the bottom of the lighthouse hill in Las Croabas and they feature fresh barbecued lobster, a la parilla. You can be sure they have fresh lobsters that day by phoning 787. 863.2046. They are closed on Mondays. Qui-qui is a waiter who used to wait on my when I barely could speak English. In Las Croabas there’s several restaurants to choose from and the plate of the area are Arepas Rellenas “Stuffed Arepas” which you stuff them with any seafood you desire.

    Shopping: If you do shop in Puerto Rico, Plaza Carolina and Plaza Las Américas are the two large, well-crowded shopping malls.  Both are rather close to the airport (depending on traffic) and easy to manage.

    Old San Juan: eat in Dragonfly, Aqua, Tantra, and across the street at Parrot Club. They are fabulous. Also during the day in Old San Juan, the restaurant Amadeus offers EXCELLENT appetizers for lunch and order the guava/mango mousse that isn’t on the menu; just order it.  Cafe Valencia @ 764.3790 offers authentic Spanish paella at normal prices.

    All over the island you have the option to stay at homes and apartment rooms which give you a better taste of the island. Consider checking Airbnb postings such as:

    Your HUB in the East https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/276636.

    Home away from Home https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2330076 in Fajardo.

    Beachfront apartment Luquillo https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/4566846

    and enjoy the soothing sound of the waves https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/6015464 in Luquillo for a signature visit.

    San Juan:

    If you find your way into Old San Juan, eat at Amadeus for trendy, Puerto-Rican fancy cuisine at regular prices. Their guava-mango mousse is why I stop in just for two servings sometimes! 787.722.8635

    Greek Islands including Mykonos

    Website: visitgreece.gr

    Travel to/from:

    I recommend flying into and out of Athens from most other countries. Delta and US Air offer the only nonstops from New York.  If you want a one-world carrier, I suggest either BA or AA to London and then BA to Athens. British Airways has begun seasonal daily service from London Gatwick to Mykonos without having to stop in Athens.   Once in Greece, I recommend only using www.aegeanairlines.com to travel by air, or check www.openseas.gr (click on English flag to get website in English) and navigate instantly among all boat companies offering affordable and fun ways to get from island to island (for example, from Athens to Mykonos, or from Mykonos to Santorini). Bear in mind that you will be tired if you arrive directly from the USA, so waiting for a 2-4 hour boat ride may just make you wish you purchased a direct 15 –minute flight to one of the islands. It’s best to use boats when traveling between islands.

    Before departing to Mykonos:

    Make sure you see the movie “Shirley Valentine.” If you have additional time, see “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and “Summer Lovers.”

    Download your maps from www.skymap.gr

    What to do: Athens:

    The following neighborhoods are all within walking of each other:

    Acropolis and coffee after at Dionysius Restaurant/Café, and the new Athens Acropolis Museum is a MUST.

    Kolonaki Square for outdoor cafes and chic shopping

    Tea at the Grand Bretagne Hotel and tourist walks around nearby Plaka area.

    Taxi: Use metered taxis only.  X95 bus from town to the airport is efficient, inexpensive, and dependable under most circumstances. 

    Dining: best fish throughout Greece is Tsipura and Sargos; ask for these at restaurants.

    What to do: Mykonos:

    Here’s how to blend like a local: 9am is wake-up and breakfast, check the wind and choose a beach, lunch on the beach never before 2pm, snacks back in town upon arriving from the beach like crepes or Olive-oil-fried French fries with fresh oregano; shower, catch the sunset around 8pm (depending on the season), dine around 10pm, and walk and shop the pedestrian town before and after dinner.

    Please find most of the establishments I recommend on both tripadvisor.com and Facebook. 

    Beaches & Meals: The best meals are the lunches. Here’s where to eat at each beach. Your beach choice will be made for you based on the WIND.

    When there is NORTH WIND:

    Paranga Beach: eat at Nikola’s (the world’s best fried calamari) and tell the kitchen when you order their organic vegetables from their garden and fish from the sea in front of their tavern that Lawrence sent you, or Tasso’s for mussels, or the newest Skorpios for great crowds, food, views, and high prices and tell the maître Yorgos/George that Lawrence sent you.

    Psarou Beach: the VERY chic Nammos (reserve a corner table for 3pm: 22890.22440).

    SuperParadise Beach: Jackie-O for the beach or pool is awesome, and eat here even just ordering the lovely jars of appetizers and the breads baked in flower pots is enough.

    When there is SOUTH WIND:

    Fokos Beach: eat at Taverna Fokos (tell owner and chef Canadian Kate that Lawrence sent you; watch for tar on the beach!)

    Agios Sostis Beach: Taverna Agios Sostis (the most spectacularly-romantic barbecue spot for lunch under a very old tree on the planet; tell Vasilis that Lawrence sent you).  They take no reservations.   The advantage to going at 1230pm is to be the first round of tables served, even though it’s early; the advantage to going late in the day around 1900 is that there is no queue, but most salads and other choices are finished by then.  The nearby beach has NO umbrellas for shade and NO opportunities for purchasing water.

    Dining in the Town of Mykonos Town (Chora):

    Before dining, catch the sunset (a major happening throughout all Greek islands) at Kastro Bar (my favorite bar-restaurant in the world) or another bar along the “Little Venice” Kastro area: Kastro or Verandah or Caprice are the others to patronize.  Their restaurant is also a GREAT place to eat, and anytime of the day you should have (truly) their world-famous Kastro Coffee.

    Many restaurants on Mykonos are tourist traps. Following are my recommendations of places that I go:

    It’s difficult to get a bad meal, but locals and residents go to:

    Alegro or Madupas Café on the waterfront (all others are tourist traps).

    Koursaros (koursarosmykonos.gr/) tell owner Katerina I sent you

    Taverna Nikos in the center of the action where the pelicans are (tell Stella in the kitchen processing all of the bills that Lawrence sent you).  You must eat here once; it’s an institution.

    Nobu Restaurant inside of the fabulous (and white) Belvedere hotel (ask for the General Manager Christoforos who is my neighbor in Mykonos and tell him Lawrence his neighbor sent you).

    Mykonos Bay Hotel has a great pool open to everyone all day long.  They do great sunset cocktails.  Their food menu served all day long is innovative, fresh, and exciting.  Check them out on tripadvisor and tell the owners Mr. Nikos and Ms. Evangelia that Lawrence sent you.  This is the home base camp of the Mind-Body Retreats we run in Mykonos with spectacular oceanfront rooms. Other nice hotels in town are Terra Maria (tell the owner Vicki that Lawrence sent you).

    Just outside of town a short walk from the gym is the Starbucks of Mykonos and, on the way to/from the airport, an amazing pizza place called La Rosticceria/Massimo’s.


    Petrán: My favorite new typical tavern has a spectacular view, isn’t crowded, and amazing prices by a girl (Dina) and her mother (María) who run the place.  Get the fried potatoes, the grilled eggplant, and the individual, boneless grilled fresh sardines.  This taverna is remote and found after the pub (which I also recommend called “Dubliner” that is an oasis on the island from Greek food.  Tell the owner of Dubliner Lorraine that Lawrence sent you.  They sell cider from England and Ireland!). 

    In the town of Ano Mera there are great tavernas in the town square by the monastery, but I recommend even more the nearby “Whatever Is Left” taverna.


    The only legal gym in Mykonos that I have worked at, where I work out at, and that recommend you work at is:
    Bodywork Gym


    Bikes and Cars: Very near Bus Station is Fabbrikas rent a car and ask for Dimitris and tell him I sent you: +30 694 4765132 and +30 2289 028028 and fabrikas@otenet.gr

    Lodging: Stay at an amazing part of the island where I first stayed upon arriving Mykonos and stayed every year for 12 years until my home was finished: Mr. Nikos Apartments. Just outside of the noise of town (5 minutes walk), you’ll have a kitchen, beds, daily maid service, and the most spectacular view of the island. Call to reserve your apartment and guarantee a room: be sure to specify you are calling on the request of Lawrence, King of Mykonos…Mr. Nikos Kousthana: +306944433173 (from the USA substitute 011 for the “+”).  The best way to reserve the apartments or the Mykonos Bay Hotel (same owners) is to reach via their website or booking.com:  http://www.mykonosbay-hotel.com

    Alternatively, Cavo Tagoo (a short walk outside of town) is spectacular with many private pools, great breakfast and evening restaurant, and lobby.

    New York

    This is not a comprehensive guide to NYC but a selection of the things I opine you must do on a special trip to NYC.


    • Laduree and Balthazar in Soho
    • Breakfast at Landmark in the Time Warner Building and see the Wholefoods in the basement
    • Weather permitting, the Boathouse in Central Park and New Leaf (newleafrestaurant.com) by the Cloisters.
    • Rosa Mexicano chain throughout NYC
    • SushiDen (one of the few restaurants in NYC whose sushi is not frozen); tell Shimura-san the manager that Lawrence sent you.  I had TWO preparties for my 50th here.  There are two locations and Shimura works at the location on Madison Avenue and everyone, I mean everyone, gets them mixed up because they are not far apart.
    • Chop’t Salad and Coffee Bean & Teal Leaf chains all over the city.
    • Relaise de Venise is where I had my 50th birthday dinner.  They take no reservations but you’ll eat just like in Paris.  They only do one thing and do one thing well: steak frites.  http://www.relaisdevenise.com/newyork/
    • A fun, touristy, but also very very historical thing to do is Tavern on the Green in Central Park.
    • Walk through the lobby of the Waldorf=Astoria hotel and then Google its history to understand its importance in NYC.  It is not far from Rockefeller Center which also is an area you will want to see and get champagne truffles both from Teuscher and Maison du Chocolate and then compare.


    for Food in Eataly (eataly.com), Dean & Deluca in Soho, and go to Astoria to Titan market for Greek groceries flown right in from Athens. 

    for amazing, unique gifts designed in USA at the Museum of Modern Art Shop (MOMA) across from Balthazar in Soho


    St. Malachy’s the Actor’s Chapel does a Saturday night 11pm mass after theater which is usually full of dancers and actors from the shows. 


    Arrange for tickets to have NYC at your feet with breathtaking views from topoftherocknyc.com.   

    Cloisters (and eat at New Leaf)

    Guggehneim and Metropolitan Museum of Art (visit Bloomingdales in between these two for a bite to eat)