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  • fitCamp 2016:
    January 25-29
    February 22-26, February 29-March 4
    March 7-11, March 21-25, March 28-April 1
    April 4-8, April 18-22, April 25-29
    May 2-6
    Email me HERE to inquire which weeks have which themes to see the best fit for YOU.

  • 2017: Weekly starting January 9 until Easter except for holidays

    Email Lawrence for further information about YOUR rate, week themes, and more!

    Each week has a specialty:

    • "I Teach Everything Week"
    • "I Am a PT Week"
    • "Mind-body Week"
    • "Aqua-based Week"

    Remember, you fly yourself in on MONDAY and depart on FRIDAY. To arrange extra days with me or in the metropolitan area of San Juan to sightsee, just ask me directly for what's involved!

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    Bernadette C. O'Brien, Aqua Stars America Facebook Creator and Aqua Instructor, New Jersey

    "Attending FitCamp with Lawrence Biscontini was an awesome experience. He is a superb instructor. The knowledge and skills he shared enhanced my teaching as a fitness instructor in a most positive way. Not only was it enlightening and informative but is was fun too. The food was great, sharing time with other professionals and being in beautiful Puerto Rico is not to be missed. I strongly recommend you attend."

    - Bernadette C. O'Brien, Aqua Stars America Facebook Creator and Aqua Instructor, New Jersey

    Deirdra Martinez, Zumba Goddess, Los Angeles

    "Attending FitCamp with Lawrence in PR was fun, relaxing, but also hard work. We have busy days of fun, and I definitely can say that I returned from FitCamp a different instructor in terms of the way I taught, the way I attracted more clients, and even the way I use social media like Facebook!"

    - Deirdra Martinez, Zumba Goddess, Los Angeles

    Kathy Gilbert, Tallahassee, FL

    "...fitCamp gave me the encouragement and knowledge on how to develop and market my programming, including my own program in the growing Active Aging market. Since attending fitCamp, I have started spreading my program through public speaking and professional writing about my program. My coaching skills have dramatically improved and my classes have boomed as a result."

    - Kathy Gilbert, Tallahassee, FL

    Elyssa Bulthuis, New Lenox, Illinois, creator of Get Fit With Elyssa and Learn With Elyssa

    "Who knew the key to success is hidden in Puerto Rico? My trip to fitCamp taught me how to present myself with more confidence and clarity, directed me to where I needed to work on my personal training business, connected me to the inside track of the fitness world AND I got to eat great food in incredible surroundings at Lawrence's villa atop the hill. I am now booked solid, continue to get frequent requests to teach at local health clubs, and am busy creating new program platforms initiated by Lawrence that increase my income. Thanks to fitCamp's evening business tips, my business runs more smoothly and is more profitable now than ever!"

    - Elyssa Bulthuis, New Lenox, Illinois, creator of "Get Fit With Elyssa" and "Learn With Elyssa"

    Lisa K, Gibson, Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA, Poolates

    "The best thing about FitCamp is not only that you get fabulous instruction, company and food, but you get to be yourself. You are not turned into a fitness clone, you are evaluated on your strengths and weaknesses and at the end of the week, you leave a better, more professional, more fully realized person with a clearer sense of your goals in place and the tools to get you there. Just before attending FitCamp I had just taken over an aquatics company with a somewhat fuzzy goal of being a fitness presenter, and shortly after, I find myself presenting at five SCW Manias and am partnered with ICAA . Lawrence's experience, honesty, compassion and willingness to help have been invaluable, I highly recommend fitCamp whether you want to improve your skills or change your direction in the fitness industry."

    - Lisa K, Gibson, Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA, "Poolates"

    Teresa Estill, Campbell, California USA, Pilates by Teresa

    "I attended fitCamp in Puerto Rico with Lawrence after working in the fitness business for 30 years. The entire experience was amazing! I came home with more knowledge and made more changes to my business than ever before, regretting only that I'd not attended years earlier because he helped me define my business model, prioritize what I wanted, and make plans to achieve all of that. My business has grown about 25% and I am more confident in the path I want to be on. Thank you Lawrence!"

    - Teresa Estill, Campbell, California USA, "Pilates by Teresa"

    Janie Watkins, Gadsden, Alabama USA

    "I say that you need to say 'YES' to FitCamp even if it takes you out of your comfort zone! I did and I am glad I have. Lawrence equipped me with the tools to step up to FEAR and do NEW and SCARY things, including returning home and immediately making a much-needed move to a newer and larger facility after many years at the current one. The new club gave me the opportunity to format and offer new classes, gain new clients (while keeping ALL former ones) and teach in a brand new mind/body room built within the gym. At fitCamp, you will be surrounded by similar goal- oriented campers, not to mention beautiful surroundings at Lawrence’s Villa, and have 24/7 access to the most incredible mentor (well, almost 24/7!) who not only shares his vast knowledge, but his home! And last, but not least, fabulous food made from recipes in HIS own cookbook! Say 'YES!'"

    - Janie Watkins, Gadsden, Alabama USA

    Bobbie Adams, T’ai Chi for Seniors, Chicago

    "Lawrence's FitCamp was the most rewarding experience I have ever done for myself. The way Lawrence shares his knowledge of exercise and how to teach our participants is invaluable. Lawrence is a wonderful cook and prepared all the meals, they were all delicious. It is the most beautiful place on earth, rain forest on one side and Caribbean on the others. Even though I worked hard and learned alot, I felt like a princess."

    - Bobbie Adams, T’ai Chi for Seniors, Chicago

    Paul Galloro, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    "I learned so much during Lawrence's FitCamp in Puerto Rico, I'm still sorting through it! There was a lot of info packed into three days - the best part was being able to practice these new skills and receive direct feedback from Lawrence on the spot ... that was the most valuable part for me! Lawrence is an inspiration and to be mentored by him, in person, for three full days (in sunny Puerto Rico!) is an experience of a lifetime. Attending FitCamp was the best decision I have ever made in my career. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world, Lawrence ... we're all truly blessed to have you on this planet."

    - Paul Galloro, Toronto, Ontario, Canada